Questions about Relationship Counselling and Psychosexual Therapy.


How many sex therapy sessions will we need?

A hard one to answer, but most couples resolve their sexual problems within 12-20 sessions. We will continually discuss your progress, the aims of the therapy from the start and your journey towards your goals. 

What actually happens and what if we're not quite sure what we need?

In the room we will talk, discuss feedback, explore new thinking and ideas. Progressive exercises will be set for you to do at home. There will probably be times where we look at useful factual information or other appropriate resources.  There may be times when a visit to your GP or other services are discussed and, with certain issues, a multi-disciplinary  approach can be most effective.

After contacting me, I will aim to book you in soon as possible, depending on availability and circumstances. Psychosexual Therapy tends to work most effectively if both partners attend, however if it seems appropriate for one partner to start this is not a problem and can be a positive way to begin.

It is common that couples ask for, or I suggest, a few counselling sessions before Sex Therapy starts. This enables you to discuss relational issues that might go on to hamper your progress through Sex Therapy at a later time. It is also regular practice to offer each of you an individual session near the start of our therapy. This can be useful, thought provoking and offer some personal space for reflection and future direction. 

What about counselling? How many sessions might an individual or couple need?

This becomes part of the discussion, but after 6 sessions most clients have a clearer perspective on what is needed. 

As a rule of thumb, problems that arise over time need to be unravelled before they can be resolved. The amount of commitment you are able to make towards the work, including simply thinking about things between sessions and possibly doing a few 'homework' tasks, will move your counselling forward. 

I have a sliding scale depending on your income and circumstances. I ask that if your income places you in a higher wage bracket, you pay nearer the higher rate to support those that don't and who will pay nearer the lower end. 

How long is a session, what do you charge and how do we pay? 

Sessions run for 1 hour.

After contact, an initial meeting will be set up. 

Individual clients:  Before 5pm pay £65-£80. After 5pm  £65-£85 per session. 

Couples: Before 5pm pay £75-£90. After 5pm pay £80-£100 per session.

Payment can be made by cash or on-line via BACS or via iZettle. Please add your first name/s and the date of the session to on-line payments. Bank details will be given once a session time has been confirmed. 

Payment is requested on the day of your session.

What if we are unsure we want to stay together? What is the best way to help our children?

Sometimes there are deep uncertainties about the future of relationships. Of course it is your decision whether you stay together or separate, but it is always worth considering the reasons for the breakdown. In these situations I see my role as enabling each individual to become clear about their thoughts, supporting both to find a way forward that is least disruptive or distressing.

For couples with children, experiencing separation may be very painful. Keeping the children's welfare central in discussions is always very important.  Relevant other services, such as Mediation may be discussed. 

Privacy & Data: The law has recently changed. By contacting me, via any means,  you are 'opting in' regarding giving me your permission to be in contact with you. I will hold all personal data responsibility and in strictest confidence. I will never knowingly share your data with any other parties.

Please do contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions or simply want to clarify something. 



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