Couples and Counselling in North London 

Although often distressing, problems in intimate relationships are normal.

Most people start to feel anxious and fearful when they experience their partners as too distant, having lost connection, understanding and communication. Once problems are being discussed in a never ending negative loop, we quickly and naturally become exhausted, defensive and agitated.

Couples counselling or couples therapy, can quickly diffuse tension and conflict, paving the way towards more positive and productive communication. Encouraging couples to listen differently and be open to learning something new, builds confidence for closeness and connection. This strengthens relationships and promotes the intimacy sought by so many.  We truly thrive when we feel a sense of loving attachment as well as a sense of individuality and freedom. 

If we can view a repetitive problem differently, our success at resolving the issue increases dramatically, but often at times of stress, we can find our selves ill-equipped to reflect on what has happened and find positive ways forward. 

If, ultimately, couples choose to separate, time can be spent making sure that emotions are calmed and that certain practicalities, such as the welfare of children, can be thoughtfully dealt with. 

It is important to know that I often meet one partner for some sessions, before the other joins us. This proves positive for both as long as things are calm enough and both feel clear about the process.

As well as being a specialist in relationships and sex, I am also experienced more generally, offering a compassionate and thoughtful space to reflect on issues such as:

Anxiety, depression, intrusive thinking, social difficulties and dating, loneliness and loss. 

I view a crisis or difficulty as an opportunity to take stock, gain clarity and invite change. Because our lives and relationships will change, it is how we meet these situations that becomes crucial to our long-term happiness. Although this may seem daunting, even frightening, the rewards for our courage will be an expanded understanding of ourselves and others.

What are the most common issues clients bring to counselling?

  • Arguing and lack of communication
  • Times of transition:
    • Babies
    • Children leaving home
    • Ageing
  • Illness
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Sexual drought or boredom
  • Affairs
  • Feeling lost, lonely, uncertain 


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